Our partners: Together Towards Tomorrow. Partnering for Quality, Impact, and Sustainability

We collaborate with industry-leading partners to ensure the highest standards of quality and innovation in our GS-Food Waste Digesters. By working with renowned companies in electronics, motors, and technology, we guarantee the reliability and efficiency of our systems. These partnerships enable us to integrate cutting-edge components into our digesters, enhancing their performance and longevity. 

Together, we are committed to driving positive change and creating a greener, cleaner future for generations to come.

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Quality Meets Innovation: Honoring Partnerships in Sustainable Excellence!

At GS-Food Waste Digesters, we prioritize the reliability of our machines to ensure seamless operation and maximum efficiency for our customers worldwide. This commitment to quality is why we choose to collaborate with international high-quality partners like Panasonic, IFM electronic, Varvel motor parts, and more.

Working with esteemed partners of this caliber allows us to incorporate top-of-the-line components into our digesters, enhancing their performance and durability. Panasonic’s advanced electronic components, IFM electronic precision sensors, and Varvel motor parts’ reliable power solutions are just a few examples of the superior quality parts we integrate into our machines.

By partnering with internationally renowned companies, we gain access to a vast network of resources, expertise, and cutting-edge technology. This enables us to design and manufacture GS-Food Waste Digesters that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring they run smoothly for years to come.

Furthermore, our collaboration with these partners facilitates efficient servicing and quick fixes when needed. With an international distribution channel of spare parts, we can swiftly address any maintenance or repair issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime for our customers.

In essence, partnering with international high-quality partners is essential for GS-Food Waste Digesters to deliver unparalleled reliability, longevity, and serviceability to our customers. Together, we strive to ensure that our machines operate flawlessly, providing sustainable waste management solutions that make a positive impact on the environment and communities worldwide.

IFM industries our partner in our food waste digester for sensors

Where Innovation Meets Sustainability!

ifm electronic

Stands as a pioneer and partner at the forefront of the world of automation and digitalisation. With expertise in measurement, control, regulation, and processing, ifm has distinguished itself as a global leader in automation and digitalisation technologies.

The focus is on innovation and quality, as well as providing customer-oriented solutions with a 5-year warranty. With a rich history since 1969 and a dedicated team of over 9,000 employees in 150 countries, ifm is among the global leaders in the industry. ifm electronic stands behind its products and offers a comprehensive portfolio of sensors, controls, software, and systems essential for industrial automation and digitalisation.

As a family-owned business now led by the second generation, ifm combines the strength of a growing enterprise group with the flexibility and customer proximity of a medium-sized company. The international character of ifm is reinforced by its global presence and ability to form strong partnerships. Whether it’s sensors, controls, image processing, identification systems, or innovative Industry 4.0 solutions, ifm’s product portfolio helps optimise your production process or machines with real-time maintenance, energy monitoring, and track & trace. ifm – driven by applications, with a focus on digitalisation and continuity. ifm – close to you.


Panasonic Industry

Situated in over 18 countries across Europe, we implement our international service promise into localized customer-oriented solutions. 

Panasonic Industry Europe is part of the global Panasonic Industry organization, one of the five major operating companies within Panasonic Holding. By merging Japanese precision and robustness with European creativity and design, we are engineering the future. Our competitive systems and modules are interconnected and offer benefits for our customers in numerous applications. Inhouse developed software, enhances our hardware portfolio and supports our customers in their daily business processes, providing them with all-around industry 4.0 solutions. 

Especially in our Experience Centers throughout Europe, we consult our customers by finding, recommending and implementing tailor-made solutions across various business sectors. We implement service and operational excellence strategies, creating a strong network of European customers and distribution partners. From our small components built inside everyday products that play a large role in consumers’ lives, to offering a full-service approach, we are committed to enabling our customers to continuously reach their goals. 

By encouraging and sponsoring future talents in pioneering projects and inviting experts from various business fields, we continuously expand the knowledge of our employees and stay in touch with the changing world of tomorrow. 

our three key pillars

In today’s environmentally conscious world, our three product lines stand out for their impactful contributions. Our food waste digesters efficiently convert organic waste into valuable resources, reducing CO2 and methane emissions and cutting waste disposal costs.

The enzymatic products we offer provide effective cleaning, pest control and soil enhancement solutions while minimizing chemical usage, promoting a safer and greener working environment.

Additionally, our green packaging alternatives eliminate the need for fossil-based plastics, reducing environmental harm and appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Overveld Techniek 

Is the official importer of various major European brands. We have selected strong brands that complement each other perfectly and are available worldwide, ensuring that spare parts are quickly available wherever you need them. For questions about these brands, the products, and their availability, you can contact us or start a chat session here.

In the early eighties, the first ideas were born to transform the regionally known pick-up warehouse within the then-called Machinefabriek van Overveld into an independent B.V. A new building, including a high-rise warehouse with lifts, loading and unloading docks, assembly workshops, and of course, new products. The focus at the time was on providing even better service and a more extensive range of products so that our relations could be supplied with all their needs in terms of drive technology at one address.

The first official import agency was already established in 1986 with the reducers and variators from Varvel in Italy.

All our staff are ready to advise you on our products, services, and service to ensure continuity within your business processes. We do not work with a separate inside and outside sales force, allowing us to work more efficiently and you to usually deal with the same contact person. In short, clear and transparent. Of course, within our team, we monitor everything that may be important to you. Would you like to schedule a visit, come by yourself, log in via Teams, or start a chat session here on the right? You are welcome here in any way. Are we also welcome with you?

We do not sell drive technology; we sell quality and continuity, which you can rely on. I would be happy to tell you more about it.

Corvina cloud logo our parnter

Corvina Cloud

Our industrial IoT cloud platform is designed specifically for businesses looking to take advantage of the latest digital technologies to grow and improve their operations. Our platform includes advanced smart manufacturing and smart machine industrial IoT solutions that allow real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote control capabilities. These features are easily accessible through a user-friendly interface, and are specifically designed to help businesses increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve overall productivity.

With EXOR International’s near half-century legacy as its foundation, the platform merges unparalleled software, firmware, and hardware experiences.

Whether it’s at the component level with impressively aesthetic and functional data interfaces, or at the factory level with multi-protocol data visualization, the X Platform offers an unmatched solution. Our long-standing experience ensures that even when challenges present themselves, we provide the expertise to overcome them. With the X Platform, machine builders not only meet but redefine industry benchmarks.

EXOR’s approach to security is based on the international guidelines set out in:

  • IEC 62443
  • NIST Cyber security Framework 1.0

Akin to the nascent industry standard EXOR has multiple layers of security that allow as much as possible our clients to be protected but at the same time can actually go about their business.

The security has to present and robust but not impede operational needs. This is the delicate balancing point which we work with each of our clients to achieve.

Our partner for enzymatic food waste digestion

The Power of enzymes Custome Enzymes

Custom Enzymes is an industry-leading supplier of novel custom enzymatic formulations. Dedicated to the supply, marketing and distribution of biotechnological enzymatic nature-based biodegradable formulations that are suitable for an array of different industries, governments, NGOs, and institutions.

Through continuous extensive research and product development, we are able to meet our customers’ needs and demonstrate how biotechnology can play a significant role, now and in the future.

Only the highest quality products are available from Custom Enzymes. We are driven by international standards and protocols with the desire for cutting-edge innovation as defined by our world class research laboratories and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our production methodology is handled by well-qualified and highly motivated personnel who follow stringent control standards and in-process quality assurance procedures. 

We believe in the planet and work to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and we support the Net-Zero 2050 Agenda. We take our role in Regeneration and Sustainability very seriously.