Solving environmental and hygienic challenges in food waste processing

 We like to introduce you to a cutting-edge solution that promises to transform the way you manage food waste – the GS-Food Waste Digesters. As you navigate the challenges of food waste management, our digesters offer an innovative approach through their advanced enzymatic aerobic digestion technique.

GS-Food Waste Digester - composting machine - digester - composter - LFC - Food waste composting machine

our three key pillars

In today’s environmentally conscious world, our three product lines stand out for their impactful contributions. Our food waste digesters efficiently convert organic waste into valuable resources, reducing CO2 and methane emissions and cutting waste disposal costs.

The enzymatic products we offer provide effective cleaning, pest control and soil enhancement solutions while minimizing chemical usage, promoting a safer and greener working environment.

Additionally, our green packaging alternatives eliminate the need for fossil-based plastics, reducing environmental harm and appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Advanced Aerobic Enzymatic Breakdown Process

we take pride in pioneering a revolutionary waste management solution

Our technology directly addresses several pressing environmental concerns:

  1. Reduced CO2 Emissions from Garbage Trucks:
    Traditional food waste disposal methods heavily rely on frequent collections by garbage trucks, resulting in substantial CO2 emissions. By eliminating the need for these polluting vehicles, our approach significantly reduces carbon footprint.
  2. Mitigation of Methane Emissions from Landfills:
    Food waste deposited in landfills generates substantial methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. By diverting food waste from landfills, our technology plays a crucial role in reducing methane emissions and combating climate change.
  3. Elimination of Unsanitary Waste Containers:
    Conventional green containers used for food waste storage often pose hygiene concerns, emitting foul odors and attracting pests. Our solution provides a cleaner, odor-free, and environmentally friendly alternative, ensuring a more pleasant waste disposal experience.

We Solve Real Problems

Explaining our food waste digester.


Food Waste

Food waste can be added into the GS-Food Waste Digesters throughout the day. There is no waiting, it is a continuous process that adapts to your daily work schedule.


The Machine

All food waste is collected in the machine. The special conditions in the machine and our exclusive enzyme mixes will process your waste into waste water 24/7.


The Enzymes

Our exclusive enzyme mixes are formulated in such a way that they can optimally break down your food waste. We have developed several variations that can break down the different waste flows.



The waste water created in our machine can be safely discharged via the sewer to the waste water treatment plants. The 100% organic waste water can be converted into biogas and bioplastics at the WWTP.


The Break down

The food waste is broken down into smaller particles by our Food Waste Digesters. This can even be done down to the level of building blocks such as amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars.


The Process

The ideal conditions are created in our machines so that the enzymes can do their work optimally. Temperature, moisture, movement and acidity are maintained at optimal conditions by us.


For restaurants, hotels, fast-food, catering, universities.


For restaurants, universities, hotels, bakeries, resorts.

Gaia (picture soon)

For Restaurants, hotels, grocery stores. and catering

Telluris (picture soon)

For cruise lines, nursing homes, event

Our different models

the Food waste digesters

Existing system for food waste processing.

food waste process system existing

Food waste processing with our machines.

food waste processing with our composting machine

Benefits of our digesters

Our digester’s expertise lies in its ability to break down food waste fast and efficiently through enzymatic aerobic digestion. This process harnesses the power of our special enzymes mixes in combination with our machine and a monitored process to transform complex organic compounds into simpler components.

GS-Food Waste Digester - composting machine - digester - composter - LFC - Food waste composting machine

No hassle

Unlike traditional aerobic digester machines, Our machine doesn’t yield compost as a final product. This unique approach eliminates the need for additional waste management, reducing workload and hassle.

Yes, also liquids

Our GS-Food Waste Digesters are designed to handle not only solid food waste, but also liquid products like soups and sauces. A feat unmatched by any other liquid food aerobic digesters in the market.

Unique enzymes

Our enzyme mixes are specially developed for us, and target specific organic molecules in the food waste, initiating their breakdown. Proteases tackle proteins, lipases address fats, etcetera.

It's so simple

One of the key advantages is its remote management feature. Simply place the food waste into the machine, and we take care of the rest. Our expert team manages the machines remotely, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your staff.

Fat disappears

One of our enzymes in our mix is specially designed to break down the fat and grease in food waste. Resulting in a fat free waste stream. No blockage of sewage pipes or overloaded grease traps with our machines.

All the way

Our service is designed to provide comprehensive support. The Service agreement includes robust assistance from our center, online monitoring, and machine adjustments. Moreover, the agreement covers the supply of enzymes and process materials.

Quality Meets Innovation: Honoring Partnerships in Sustainable Excellence!


Working with esteemed partners of a high quality caliber allows us to incorporate top-of-the-line components into our digesters, enhancing their performance and durability. Panasonic’s advanced electronic components, IFM electronics’ precision sensors, and Varvel motors’ reliable power solutions are just a few examples of the superior quality parts we integrate into our machines.

By partnering with internationally renowned companies, we gain access to a vast network of resources, expertise, and cutting-edge technology. This enables us to design and manufacture GS-Food Waste Digesters that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring they run smoothly for years to come.

In essence, partnering with international high-quality partners is essential for GS-Food Waste Digesters to deliver unparalleled reliability, longevity, and serviceability to our customers. Together, we strive to ensure that our machines operate flawlessly, providing sustainable waste management solutions that make a positive impact on the environment and communities worldwide.

No more chemicals

Pioneering Sustainability Through Enzymatic Innovation

In a world where traditional chemical products have long been the norm, a new era of innovation is dawning. At GS-Food Waste Digesters, we’re leading the charge in introducing enzymatic alternatives that not only match but surpass the effectiveness of conventional chemicals.

Our journey began with a realization: the need for sustainable alternatives to chemical products across various industries. From household cleaning to industrial applications, the reliance on harsh chemicals was taking its toll on the environment and human health. Thus, we set out on a mission to explore the untapped potential of enzymatic technology.

A Paradigm Shift in Product Development

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, our team of experts embarked on a journey of discovery. We uncovered the remarkable efficacy of enzymatic solutions in a wide range of applications, from laundry detergents and disinfectants to oil spill cleanup and algae removal. Enzymes proved to be powerful, yet gentle, offering a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemicals.

foamed PLA clamshells - plant-based - PLA - green packaging
foamed PLA clamshells - plant-based - PLA - green packaging
compostable cutlery and napkins
foamed PLA clamshells - plant-based - PLA - green packaging

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

At GS-Food Waste Digesters, we’re proud to offer more than just waste management solutions – we’re pioneering a sustainable revolution in packaging. Our GS-Food Waste Digesters are not only capable of breaking down various plant-based packaging materials, but they also offer a multitude of environmental benefits.

Environmental Advantages of Plant-Based Packaging

By integrating plant-based packaging into our digesters, we contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious future. Here are some of the key environmental benefits:

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions: Plant-based packaging materials produce fewer carbon emissions during production and disposal compared to traditional fossil-based plastics, helping to mitigate climate change.
  • Elimination of Fossil Plastics: By utilizing plant-based materials such as sugarcane, potato starch, and paper pulp, we reduce reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to the preservation of natural resources.
A Diverse Range of Plant-Based Packaging

We offer a comprehensive range of plant-based packaging materials to suit diverse needs and applications. From utensils and plates to clamshells, napkins, and cups, our selection includes a variety of eco-friendly alternatives. All our products are crafted from renewable plant sources such as sugarcane, potato starch, and paper pulp, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Join us in embracing sustainable packaging solutions with our GS-Food Waste Digesters. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing waste and building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Become a consultant of

GS-Food Waste digesters

Are you interested in becoming a consultant for our digesters? Let’s get in touch and see if there is a match.

UPDATE: We have decided to put a hold on new resellers until Q4 2024.

GS-Food Waste Digesters recently made a bold decision: We temporarily halt new reseller recruitment. Why? Because we are working on groundbreaking new composting machine design. These machines are set to redefine waste management, being more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

But our vision doesn’t stop there. we’re planning to offer our resellers not just machines, but a complete package. This includes intensive training, marketing support, and access to a range of additional products and services. The goal? To create a strong network of resellers who can offer comprehensive waste management solutions.

Our best Articles

 Here are some of the benefits of using a liquid food waste digester compared to a curbside collection system.

Wastewater treatment processes are integral not only for purifying water but also for extracting valuable raw materials from sewage, contributing to sustainability and resource conservation.

The different building blocks that come out of food waste when digested by enzymes are simple sugars, amino acids, and fatty acids.

Our machines discharge the digested food waste into the sewage that eventually ends up at a wastewater treatment plant, where all the sewage wastewater is treated.

Methane (CH4) is a potent greenhouse gas that plays a significant role in global warming. It is the second most important greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide (CO2) in terms of its impact on climate change.